The Empowered Woman Transformation Academy

Has helped over 500 Peri/Post Menopausal Women & Busy Mums to.. Lose fat for the LAST TIME & transform their body, mind and habits for LIFE.


Put an end to anxiety inducing yo-yo dieting.

Quit the overwhelming & exhausting plan that sucks the joy out of your life.


Get a custom made approach designed for you. Your needs as a peri/post menopausal woman, and your schedule and preferences

Along with evidence-based education & the right tools.. to give you clarity and a clear path to your goals

And the right coaching, accountability, guidance and support.. so that you can action it in an enjoyable & consistent way to see lasting results.


1:1 Coaching


This option is perfect for you if you need a lot of support and struggle a-lot with breaking poor habits and mindset barriers to become your healthiest & happiest self.

This option is the full package of 1:1 Coaching, Tribe Coaching (small group calls) & access to the EWTA signature course.


TRIBE Coaching 


This option is perfect for you if you want to connect with likeminded women and be a part of an empowering and thriving community. You will also get access to all the small group coaching calls and a weekly check in with Justine to give you the guidance and direction you need.


EWTA Academy Course


EWTA's signature course is the only course a woman needs for her health, fitness and wellness journey. This is a self-paced course. 

For those who don't need coaching but want equip themselves with the right tools and knowledge to succeed.