Here at The Empowered Woman Transformation Academy our clients stories are just as important as their amazing results :)

Simone Richardson - 18kg down & 20cm off her waist!

Peri-Menopausal Client Simone came to me in April 2023..

Having tried everything to lose weight and was close to giving up because she felt nothing worked for her.

In the last 7 months of working together Simone discovered she can lose weight and keep it off..

Without having to cut a single food out of her diet

Or doing some ridiculous exercise regime.

As an added bonus she no longer gets brain fog and has got her sleep, energy and confidence back as well!

Hayley Griffin

Dropped 10% Body Fat in 10 weeks.

Hayley struggled with her diet, having an 'all or nothing' approach before starting with us and also had some injuries from a previous training program she had tried which made her a little apprehensive to start with us.

'I noticed a big difference in my mobility and my hip pain went away completely. Justine's nutrition advice was amazing- she taught me how to have a balance so I could eat the foods I enjoyed whilst the body fat dropped off! Thank you Justine I owe all my compliments on my wedding day to you' - Hayley

Post-Menopausal Client - Carol Stine: down 3 dress sizes and 24cm off her waist, 26cm off her hips!


Carol had struggled with her weight for many years. She also struggled with binge eating and joint pains.

Carol only decided to join because her friend (who was a client of mine) referred her... she didn't think this would work and she could actually lose the weight. She was bracing herself for a miserable process.

6 months on, she has a massive smile on her face every time she joins our coaching call.

She is the happiest she has been in a very long time.

She no longer binge eats and has more confidence and contentment then she's had for many years.

Alicia Tan

Dropped 7kgs & 5.5% body fat in 8 weeks.

Alicia was a very busy professional climbing the corporate ladder. Aside from wanting to lose fat and get stronger she wanted to manage her stress levels and find time for herself again.

'I was so happy with my fat loss results but the icing on the cake for me was that I improved my sleep quality and as a result my stress was reduced and I was able to lift heavier in the gym as a result!' - Alicia

Silke Spiltijns - Dropped from a Size 14 to a Size 8.

Before starting coaching with us, Silke was intimidated by the thought of training on her own and thought trainers were aloof and uncaring. Silke also struggled with her self-esteem. What these photos don't show you is how Silke's confidence in herself skyrocketed and her mindset towards herself, her food and her training completely changed. She also hit a Personal Best lifting 90kg deadlift, so not only is she body confident she's also the strongest she's ever been!

Hana Bygrave

Lost 20kg in 10 months.

'20kg down is a milestone for me and one I couldn't envisage reaching on my own! I felt so supported to implement the changes I needed to make. This process showed me fat loss doesn't have to be complicated. I count my lucky stars that I chose Justine and this course. I rate her 5 stars, call her right now to chat about your goals you won't regret it! - Hana 

Angela Rudan

Lost 14kg & 16cm off her waist in 3.5 months.

Angela had tried other popular diet programs and plans before but couldn't seem to keep the weight off. She would either over restrict herself or binge. With the right structure and support Ange finally reached her body composition goals.

'I thought weight loss would be really hard and no fun at all, based on my previous experiences. Justine's course showed me how simple it can be' - Ange

Emma Medeiros

Dropped 11% Body Fat in 3 months and hit a PB of 120kg Deadlift.

'Justine has your goals as her number one priority and she will encourage and push you to get there' - Emma

Izzy Pasuswan

Dropped 2 Dress Sizes and lost 10kg in 12 weeks.

Izzy had never had a Coach before and was a bit hesitant to start fearing she would have to give up fun foods and enjoying her life.

'I had so much fun being Coached by Justine, she's such an encouraging and positive person. I can't believe that I'm saying this because I never thought weight loss could be enjoyable, but losing 10kg was actually enjoyable. I still had meals out and enjoyed social events and felt stronger and more confident in my body at the same time'.

Vanessa Nguyen

Lost 5% Body Fat in 4 weeks.

Vanessa was intimidated by the gym and had no experience with strength training or having a Coach before. In here first 4 weeks she lost 5% Body Fat only doing 2 gym sessions and having a balanced diet which still included her favourite foods.



Angela Olafsen - Lost 13kg and 16cm off her waist in 16 weeks.

Ange is Menopausal and before starting with the Academy was getting less than 5 hours sleep a night, suffering from Menopause Symptoms, she had zero energy and was miserable. She was also afraid of carbs having tried keto previously.

In 16 weeks we created a nutrition plan for Ange that enabled her to keep ALL the foods in her diet and enjoy them fully. We worked on a pre-bed routine that took Ange from being lucky to get 5 hours sleep to consistently getting 8-9 hours every night.

Testimonials as seen on Facebook & Google Reviews


Zonia Khan - 'I lost 6kg in 6 weeks with Justine. She taught me so much about food and in the time I trained with her I improved my sleep habits easily which enabled me to have more energy for work and friends'

Bec Clift - 'I've seen so many changes as a result of coaching with Justine. She's worked with me on my injuries and has motivated me to move even when I'd prefer to be on the couch. She's been so supportive. I can't recommend Justine and this course highly enough!!'

Stefanie Colley - Justine is motivating, passionate and has a no BS approach which I loved! I was able to hit one of my fat loss goals in less than a few weeks than I expected and the coaching helped me to stay focused and engaged. I've done things that I never had the confidence to do before, I would highly recommend!

Clarizza Fernandez - 'I learnt that I can still enjoy my food and get great results. I actually love going to the gym now thanks to Justine'

Alissa Odlum - 'I loved the course and coaching with Justine! She has helped my confidence and to achieve my fitness goals. She not only has helped me with the physical side but has helped with the mindset and mental side of losing weight as well'.

Jenny Tan - 'If you've ever hesitated on being 'too much' because you're a beginner this is the perfect course for you and Justine is the perfect Coach for you. I've found our sessions invaluable and have reached my goals of being more toned and stronger'.


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