About Justine

Justine is an expert in Women's Fat Loss, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness. Having almost a decade of coaching experience. 

She has has helped hundreds of women to lose fat for the last time and develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body and food.

Justine strongly believes that your health and fitness approach (done the right way) should enhance your life, not drain or overtake it.

Justine's Story...

Justine is from the UK, but grew up in Australia and has travelled extensively.

She got bullied a lot in school and suffered depression and anxiety which led to her weight gain.


Because of this, she turned to food as a source of comfort and to cope. She struggled with emotional and binge eating for many years.. even into her mid-twenties. She was (and still is!) a massive food lover.


During this time Justine worked in the corporate world and lived the 9-5 rat race. Fed up of feeling uncomfortable in her body and unfulfilled in her office job...


She joined her first gym (this was whilst she was working in London UK).

Feeling out of her depth with the gym equipment, she stuck to pilates classes and jogged on the treadmill.


She lost her first 8kgs and was happy with herself.. but because she didn't understand how she lost it, she ended up regaining the weight back.


She turned to different diets, noticing as she yo-yoed with the diets so too did her weight.


Returning to Australia. She felt very frustrated and confused and decided to hire her first coach. He was good, but only focussed on her training. So she felt more confident and strong in the gym, but didn't lose any weight.


Finally in 2012 she found a coach that took the time to educate her on nutrition, and her habits and behaviours..


It was in that moment she realised not all coaches are created equal.


The missing pieces were finally coming together... she lost 15kg and kept it off this time!


Because she finally had clarity and understanding around all aspects of her health. She knew the behavioural & habit changes she had made that would enable her to keep her results in the long term.


Still feeling unfulfilled in her office job (and the struggles that came with it)... she decided to study for her Personal Trainer qualification. Thinking at the time, it would just be a side hobby.


She got her qualifications and the gym she trained at, hired her.


But she still had rent and bills to pay. So she got up at 3am to train clients from 5.30am-8.45am she then walked to her corporate job and did a full 9-5 day. She did this 5 days a week.


Within the first few months of doing this she learnt 2 things.


1. This schedule wasn't going to be sustainable

2. She had fallen in love with coaching and helping others


So taking the plunge - she gave her notice in and quit her corporate job..


Over the years, Justine has worked in different gyms in the city of Sydney Australia.


Despite loving her face to face sessions, Justine felt restricted... because she could only help the women who were members of the gym she worked at.


This what led her to create her Online Academy & Coaching Program so she could help as many women as possible to...


Lose weight for the last time, build authentic confidence. in themselves..

and heal their relationship with themselves their bodies and food.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Advanced - The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (2022)
Performance Nutrition Coach, Level 1 & 2 - Clean Health Fitness Institute (Australia's Leading Health & Fitness Institute) 2018
Body Composition Specialist - Wolfgang Unsoeld, Clean Health Fitness Institute 2018
Pre & Post Natal Certified Coach - BeyondBaby (Australia's No. 1 Pre & Post Natal Course for Coaches) 2018
FMA Strength Coach - FMA Institute (Aus & NZ Leading Strength Training Institute) 2016
Certificate III & IV Fitness, Master Trainer, Australian Institute of Fitness (2015)



The Empowered Woman Transformation Academy - 2021 - current
King Beats Fitness (Sydney's One of a Kind Gym) 2022-2023
Fitness First Titanium Barangaroo (Australia's most Elite Gym) 2019-2021
Crunch Fitness Sydney CBD 2018-2019
Hard Candy Fitness Sydney CBD 2014-2018


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