The Empowered Woman Transformation Academy

Has helped over 500 Peri/Post Menopausal Women & Busy Mums to.. Lose fat for the LAST TIME & build authentic confidence for LIFE.

Without anxiety-inducing diets..
Without unhelpful, bullshit motivation..
Or an overwhelming plan that sucks the joy out of life.
Even if you've tried everything and nothing has worked for you...


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How is this different?


This is what 99% of Online Coaches Offer You..


A generic diet/meal plan and a exercise plan. This doesn't teach you sustainable tools & habit changes so you're able to keep your results.

'Accountability' by giving you a weekly form to fill out with a generic reply.. and putting you in a large Facebook group for 'community', where you might be lucky to get 1 personal message.. but instead you get lost as a number.

A lack of understanding for what you experience daily being peri or post menopausal.


This is what I offer..


I see you as a whole person, not a number so my approach is the full package, custom-made for you.

I don't offer a cookie cutter diet or exercise plan... because it doesn't teach you anything or set you up to keep your results long term.

Instead I work with you on a daily and weekly basis to make & break habits that set you up for lifetime success.

Together we work on..

  • Your mindset & relationship with self, relationship with your body and food

  • Sleep quality and stress management

  • Your peri+post menopausal symptoms & hormonal health

  • Your eating and exercising habits (including stress based or emotional eating)


PLUS you join an empowering community of likeminded peri/post menopausal women.. where you are supported & celebrated.


Hi I'm Justine,

I've been a Certified Women's Fat Loss, Nutrition & Fitness Coach for almost a decade..

I'm on a mission to help peri & post menopausal women take back control of their health and get in shape for the last time..


By bringing simplicity, structure & clarity to their health and fitness journey.
Whilst developing authentic confidence in yourself.. and a healthy relationship with your body and food.

I've been there..

every roadblock you're facing is one I've struggled to overcome in the past.

I got bullied in school and developed anxiety and depression as a result..
I battled with my weight & my body from childhood until my mid twenties.. In this process I tried every diet under the sun,
I used food to cope with my emotions and stress which is why I struggled with dieting,
because I didn't want to give up one of the few things that made me happy.
I would go through cycles of binge eating and then over restricting food..
and the same was true for my fitness routine - I would have weeks where I would kick my ass in the gym .. and weeks where I barely moved a muscle.
I felt like nothing I did was ever good enough
Even when I lost weight it was a temporary high, because I only valued my body on how I looked in the mirror.
I had zero confidence in myself and was afraid of failing having tried so many diets and methods,
I hired one coach who was massive on clean eating and who made me feel like a failure everytime I checked in with him..
It wasn't until I found an amazing coach who took the time to educate me on how it all worked,
and help me change my habits and my mindset..


That it clicked for me! And things started to change..


I started to lose weight and I kept it off (15kg to be exact!)
My confidence and belief in myself started to shift..
My focus changed from a number on the scale to what my body could do
And how I felt.
Equipped with the right tools & knowledge to navigate my health and fitness journey..

I kept the weight off for good!

I went from zero confidence & belief in myself,

TO being stronger, leaner & fitter with an empowered mindset & authentic confidence.


THIS is why I created my Online Coaching Academy to give women the same long term results.


Because of my own struggles with anxiety, depression, fear of failure and my weight and body -
I'm so passionate about seeing women overcome the same struggles I faced,
Regain their health, fitness, energy & confidence back for GOOD.
..and see how that has a positive ripple effect in other areas of their lives.

I know you might be skeptical...

(I would be too if I were you)


If you've lost time, money and energy on diets, programs and coaches in the past, you have every right to be unsure.

But let me tell you one thing - those failures were NOT your fault.

Diet & fitness fads plague the industry..

Along with terrible coaches.. who make false promises of rapid weight loss, and create fancy new methods to be 'unique'.. not to help you.

They swear they've done their 'research' to justify their complex methods.. but there is nothing concrete or evidence based about them.

Doctors with no nutritional qualifications are getting paid to promote mainstream diets.. like intermittent fasting

Saying it's the solution to your peri or post menopausal symptoms.

Fitness influencers & supplement companies claim they know the secret to 'balance your hormones'

They throw buzzwords at you like 'toxins', 'balance your hormones', 'inflammation' or 'chemicals'..

To make you think you're finally learning the 'secret'.. to lose your menopausal belly and finally have success with your health and fitness.

When all their tactics do is confuse you and overcomplicate fat loss, health and fitness.

But women are waking up to these lies. 

Don't expect these flaky non-evidence based coaches, fitness influencers and dodgy doctors

With their flashy diet and fitness plan to give you lasting results..


How can these coaches and fitness influencers promise you real lasting results.. when all they offer you is another cookie cutter plan?


Their tactics draw you in long enough for you to start to see some results.. even though their plan is unsustainable and makes you miserable.

But when the high of starting something new fades.. and the reality of how difficult and unsuitable their plan is for your life sets in, where does that leave you?


Confused about what you should be doing, having even more fear and anxiety around food.. and doubting yourself every step of the way.


How can you lose weight rapidly and keep it off? 

Answer. You can't. 

Which sucks. 

Because I speak to peri & post menopausal women every day... who are genuinely doing good things to lose weight.. they're exercising and trying to eat healthier..

But they put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect.. taking extreme measures with their diet and exercise.

As a result they lose weight fast..

But struggle to keep the weight off.. because the habits they create are unsustainable, not to mention unenjoyable.

All while battling low energy and fatigue.

They spend hours overthinking what to eat

And think they need to do HIIT or some extreme workouts to see results,

Or because they think it's what they're 'supposed' to do.

They battle with themselves to break bad habits and self-sabotage.. but without having the right tools to help them they remain stuck


This makes them question whether they're capable of losing fat for good.. and if they'll ever feel confident in themselves, and comfortable in their body. 


And if that's the position you're in, I hear you.

But here's the thing.. 


The Empowered Woman Transformation Academy process you're about to see is different

Here's the thing..

You see the misinformation in the industry is only getting worse..

Which means it's easier to become more confused.

Confusion leads to no action taking.

No action leads to no results.

So your goal to be your healthiest, happiest and confident self gets left behind.

By the time you figure it all out it, you'll be in a worse position making it even harder to start.


That's the beauty of my Academy & Coaching.. it gives you clarity & confidence around all aspects of your health and fitness.


Whilst teaching you practical strategies that work.. and set you up for life.


Don't tough it out alone.

You can lose fat for good & become the most confident version of yourself.. without the constant decision fatigue, overwhelm and anxiety.


I'm urging you to get started right now.

Either you wait, try to piece everything together, and struggle on your own.
Or.. you follow a simple, proven pathway to put the right strategy in place to lose the weight for the last time.
You can lose weight in an enjoyable way, without a plan that overtakes your life.. despite what you may think.
..If you let go of expecting results faster than the speed of light
..If you apply solid habit & mindset strategies.

Evanna used The Empowered Woman Academy Pathway to break her binge eating habits and lost 7kg in 6 weeks..


And here's some more..

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EWTA gives you the support, accountability and structure you need.. and a clear educational pathway to your goals to avoid confusion.


Lose fat for the last time.. whilst you become your most healthiest, happiest and confident version of yourself.


This is not an online coaching program that gives you hundreds of videos to watch - ain't nobody got time for that!

Or 'accountability' by sending one lousy weekly text.

You won't get added into a Facebook Group for 'community'.. that only gives you more annoying notifications from people you don't know.




EWTA is different.


Every week, you get coached by me. Giving you the right accountability, support and guidance you need every step of the way. So you don't feel like you're shooting arrows in the dark, and so you can make & break bad habits & mindsets for GOOD.


Get to join the Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls. Where you can connect with like-minded women who are on a similar journey to you. There is a max of 10 ladies on the call so everyone gets a chance to share and feel seen, supported & understood.


You get access to the Academy including all the lessons, tools and workbooks. I've designed the course to make taking action and getting results even easier than ever. Education that gives you clarity around all aspects of your health & wellbeing.. so you never need another diet or fitness plan again.


As well as your own custom-made, fail-proof 'no-diet' nutrition and exercise plan.. to get you the best results in the MOST enjoyable and time efficient way.


EWTA won't leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused or stressed. If you're willing to do the work and show up you can lose up to 10kg in 90 days.. and learn the right tools and habits in place to keep it off for LIFE.


Here's what you can expect when you join..

Here's what you get..

Bespoke Coaching, Accountability & Support

So you have clarity and a clear path to your goals. You will get the right structure, guidance and support to overcome roadblocks, build healthier sustainable habits and reach your goals easily & enjoyably.

Intimate Community of Likeminded Women

Be a part of a safe community where you feel seen, understood and celebrated. Where you can build strong connections, share ideas and have a laugh too. With us, you're not "just a number".

EWTA Academy Course

A course specifically designed to equip you with the best proven tools & evidence-based education around all aspects of your health, fitness & wellbeing. Making getting results even easier - so you NEVER need to do another diet or fitness plan ever again. (This alone is valued at $2499, but EWTA members get access for free).

Custom-Made Lifestyle Plan

Receive your very own bespoke, fail-proof plan. Which will give you easy to action concise steps with your nutrition, training and lifestyle habits so you can reduce peri/post menopausal symptoms and take action easily to reach your goals.  

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Results that won't break your bank...


Typical online coaches charge upwards of $5000 for a 12 week online coaching program. But they don't give you the tools and skills you need to KEEP your fat loss, health & fitness results for life.

They don't teach you how to navigate peri/post menopause.. and build authentic confidence and master your habits.. so you can put an end to yo-yo dieting and never need to do another fitness program again.


My goal is to help you lose fat for the last time... whilst becoming the healthiest, happiest and most confident version of yourself..

I want to help you transform your body, mind and habits for LIFE.


And I want you to be able to do this without needing to split your payment on 3 credit cards or take out a loan.


Now, you could hire and in-person trainer or nutritionist.. BUT it will be double the cost for half the results.


Because an in-person trainer is only going to work with you on a training program... 


And an in-person nutritionist will only work with you on your nutrition... again only one piece of the puzzle..


Both of these options will set you back anywhere from $800-$1000 per month.


But, if you join my EWTA Tribe today.. you get the FULL package.

This means double the results.. at half the price you would pay an in-person trainer or nutritionist.


In fact, as a no-brainer I'm adding in 4 exclusive bonuses worth over $3000 for FREE when you join today.


BONUS 1: Lifestyle Audit (valued at $150.00)


Normally this would be at an additional cost, but you get it included if you join today.

This is a 45 minute session where we will map out all of your habits and identify any roadblocks. From this we will create a clear strategy to overcome them, so you can start to see results that you can keep.


BONUS 2: Full Access to the Empowered Woman Transformation Academy (valued at $2499.00)


Full access to the Academy, including all workbooks, tools and lessons. The course alone has invaluable tools, lessons and workbooks.. which will equip you with the skills you need to not only lose the weight, regain your energy and confidence.. but keep to keep those results for LIFE.


BONUS 3: Access to over 600 easy, delicious & nutritious recipes (valued at $499.00)


You have access to the EWTA Recipe Book Library (which also includes recipes for Christmas & Plant Based options too). Recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even desserts!

Each recipe also comes with a barcode you can effortlessly scan into MyFitnessPal to track your calories and macros too.


BONUS 4: *NEW* Emotional Eating Blueprint + Trigger Journal (valued at $89.00)


Get access to the Emotional Eating Blueprint to break your emotional or binge eating habits once and for all and the very best tools to enable you to do this. Even if you feel like you've been an emotional eater your whole life.


But, that's not all! When you join today you also get:


✅ Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with Justine. Giving you the best accountability, structure, clarity and support to reach your goals.. AND keep your results in the most efficient and enjoyable way. (Valued at $1999 for 12 Weeks)
✅ Access to ALL the Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls (10 ladies or less) and the Private Community Hub. (Valued at $2700 for 12 Weeks)


✅ Direct Access to message Justine whenever you need your questions answered or help with anything.


✅ Bespoke 'No-Diet' Nutrition, Training & Lifestyle Plan. Custom-Made for you, your schedule and preferences.


✅ Access to hundreds of workouts for home or gym including mobility and stretch programs.

Peri-Menopausal Client - Simone Richardson: 18kg down, 20cm off her waist!

When Simone started with me in April 2023 she was doubtful my program could help her..

Having tried every method and diet, nothing seemed to stick

She struggled with brain fog, low energy and fatigue.

By just making a few simple habit changes and tweaks to Simone's nutrition she (to date) has lost 18kg and 20 cm, no longer gets brain fog, has her mojo and confidence back.

Post-Menopausal Client - Carol Stine: down 3 dress sizes and 24cm off her waist, 26cm off her hips!


Carol had struggled with her weight for many years. She also struggled with binge eating and joint pains.

Carol only decided to join because her friend (who was a client of mine) referred her... she didn't think this would work and she could actually lose the weight. She was bracing herself for a miserable process.

6 months on, she has a massive smile on her face every time she joins our coaching call.

She is the happiest she has been in a very long time.

She no longer binge eats and has more confidence and contentment then she's had for many years.

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Join EWTA today and start losing fat for the last time. So you never need another diet or fitness program ever again!


You've seen how my Coaching and Academy simplifies your fat loss, health & fitness journey.

You've seen that it can help you make and break the right habits so you can get results you can keep.

You saw how women are losing fat for the last time whilst they become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.


Now it's time for a decision.

The way I see it, you've got two options, both zero risk.

Although only one has the potential to get you to your goals effectively and enjoyably.


Option 1: Decide to stay on the outside and keep plugging away alone.

You can spend years going around in ever decreasing circles..

Reading articles or scrolling through social media.

And hope you piece things together. Hoping that what you piece together actually gives you success and not failure.

Meanwhile your health and fitness gets worse as you procrastinate.

After all the decision fatigue and anxiety figuring it out on your own.. if you work hard, you might be able to pull it off.


Option 2: Join EWTA, and start seeing the weight come off and your confidence & energy come back. Whilst you learn new skills and habits that will set you up for LIFE.. all in less than 90 days.

Your clear path to losing fat for the last time is mapped out for you. No more shooting arrows in the dark, praying something works or second-guessing yourself.

You get the right support, coaching and guidance every step of the way.

All you need to do is to show up to our coaching call each week and action the steps I give you to see results.. and let me know when you need help.


Of these two options, ask yourself...

Which will be easier and faster for you?


I want the absolute best for you. I don't want you to go through the same frustrating dieting loops again.

But I know from experience that there are two types of women in this world.

Those who only dream of achieving their goals without ever taking action to make it happen.

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity arises.


The truth is, over 80% of dieters regain the weight they lose in the first 5 years.

So most women go around in circles jumping from one diet or fitness plan to the next.

Their leaner, healthier and confident version of themselves remains a dream.

But the few who are serious about losing fat for the last time and becoming their healthiest and happiest version of themselves..

The women focused on having a better quality of life.. and being comfortable and confident in their own skin..

.. will take action

Since you made it this far, you're among the few.

If I'm right, and you're still with me, I'm ready to help you lose fat for the last time and become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Only you can decide.


$899.00 AUD per month

Trusted by over 500 Women. Over $6000 worth of value.

  • 1x Lifestyle Audit
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Justine
  • ALL Weekly Small Group Coaching Sessions
  • Full access to the Empowered Woman Transformation Academy
  • Custom-Made Lifestyle, 'No-Diet' Nutrition Plan
  • Personalised & Bespoke Structured Training Program (for home or gym) 
  • 24/7 Direct message access to Justine
  • Access to the Private Community Hub 
  • Access to over 600 easy & delicious recipes
  • Access to hundreds of workouts (home or gym) including mobility programs.
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