Don't Let Peri/Post Menopause Overcomplicate Your Weight Loss. 

Discover the Simplest Way to Lose Weight for the LAST TIME, And Regain Your Energy & Confidence, Without Restrictive Diets or Complicated Programs.

(Even if you've tried everything and nothing has worked for you...)

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Are You Tired of Peri/Post-Menopause Complicating Your Weight Loss Journey? 


What if I showed you a way to achieve your dream goals without anxiety inducing diets or restrictions that suck the joy out of life? 

Here's What I Mean:

Simone: Peri-Menopausal Client - 20kg down & 22cm off her waist in 10 months!

Carol: Post-Menopausal Client - down 3 dress sizes and 24cm off her waist, 26cm off her hips.

Hana: Peri-Menopausal Client - Lost 20kg in 10 months

Hey there! I'm Justine,


A Certified Women's Nutrition, Fitness & Mindset Coach specialising in Peri & Post-Menopause Transformation.

From battling childhood bullies to wrestling with weight and body image issues for decades. I understand what it's like to feel nothing ever quite works.

That's why, after finding success in my own fat loss and fitness journey, I decided to specialise in Peri/Post Menopause Transformation and have since helped over 500 women lose fat for good, regain their energy and double their confidence for a full and lasting 'Inside Out Transformation".

My aim? To support women facing peri or post menopause in a way that few truly understand. I'm here to help you reclaim your energy, restore your inner glow so you have authentic confidence that shines from the inside out and transform your body and your fitness for LIFE.

With My Program You Get To:

Lose Weight for Good

Shed unwanted kilo's sustainably with my personalized coaching, focusing on long-term mental and physical health rather than quick fixes.

Restore Your Inner Glow

Reclaim your energy¬†and confidence while¬†fitting into that favorite dress again‚ÄĒall while having fun! My approach is simple and uncomplicated.

Enjoy the Foods you Love!

Enjoy your favorite foods! My program steers clear of anxiety-inducing diets or soul-crushing restrictions, empowering you to live life to the fullest.

Hana Bygrave


Justine showed me fat loss doesn't have to be complicated. I rate her 5 stars, call her right now to chat about your goals you won't regret it! 

Angela Rudan


I thought weight loss would be really hard and no fun at all, based on my previous experiences. Justine's course showed me how simple it can be.

Sheree Crouch


I have lost 11.5 kg - My first prolonged weightloss in 10 years. Best of all, I don't feel deprived and feel like I could live like this ongoing which is really important.

You Also Enjoy:

A Personal Approach

You get your very own roadmap designed to fit you like your favorite pair of jeans, guaranteeing results that stick.

Daily Cheers & Check-Ins

Get your daily dose of high-fives and mini dance parties, plus personalized tips to keep you on track.

Whole-You Wellness

I've got all bases covered! From pumping you up mentally to keeping those hormones happy, plus a community to cheerlead you.

Direct Text-a-Coach

Shoot over messages whenever you need a boost, have questions, or just wanna share a win.

Weekly Small Group Hangouts

Join empowering group chats where you can connect with other awesome ladies, share stories, and get extra support.

EWTA Academy Access

Dive into our cool course packed with fun lessons, tools, and activities covering everything you need to know about being healthy and fit for LIFE.

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Discover the Simplest Way to Lose Weight for the Last Time, And Regain Your Energy & Confidence, Without Having to Give up the Foods You Love

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